Destination Switzerland

Jennifer, BnB Switzerland
20. May 2022
Switzerland is a popular travel destination, not only because of its natural beauty and the many attractions and experiences it offers right on your doorstep, but also because of its varied
climate. If you like to escape the heat in the summer, head for the mountains. Water babies can swim to their heart's content in the lowland lakes. Lovers of the Mediterranean dolce vita can enjoy a glass of red wine in the shade of the Ticino palm trees.

Enjoy Your Vacation – and Make a Difference

Nature, your surroundings, infrastructure, safety, cleanliness and cultural things to do can be important factors when choosing a vacation destination. You don't have to look far.

The owners of these gems all have two things in common – big hearts and the best insider tips ever!

Far Away From Mass Tourism

After a day of discovery, you look forward to a well-earned good night's sleep. Whether you go for an apartment with a panoramic view, a room on a farm, a studio in the heart of the old town or something a bit special, we have a huge range of places to stay. The owners of these gems all have two things in common – big hearts and the best insider tips ever!

Heart, Soul and Hospitality

The platform specializes in exactly this kind of classified and checked B&B accommodation. For the 700 or so members of BnB Switzerland, hospitality is a given. They run their B&Bs with heart, soul, and passion.

Bring Your Children, Dog, Skis, Bike or Laptop!

If you're looking for those extra comforts, use our extended search criteria or select one of the special types of accommodation that are perfect for small children, bikers, motorcyclists, winter sports fans, etc.

We haven't just been improving our guests' experience, either. Since the fall of 2019 our hosts have also benefited from more attractive membership models and services.

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